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jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016


In the framework of EXPO 2015, hosted by Milan in Italy from May 1rst until October 31rst 2015, ACT lighting design was commissioned to create and develop the lighting scenography of an iconic installation: the "Tree of Life" / "Albero della Vita".

The project was inspired by the drawing of Michelangelo Buonarroti and designed by Marco Balich and studio Gioforma, artistic director of the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015. The structure was built by Orgoglio Brescia. Koert Vermeulen joined the creative team as Lighting Designer & Director of Mise-en-Scene.

Installed in the middle of Lake Arena, the "Tree of Life" interactive structure with an inner skeleton made of steel and an outer cover in wood, is over 30 meters high. On top of this gigantic trunk stands a hat that simulates the intertwined branches of a tree, with a diameter of 45 meters. 

For this monument with its advanced technology, constantly illuminated with LED lights, Koert Vermeulen & ACTLD created in total 1260 shows to produce the genuine dynamic effects through a play of light, video, water, fireworks, as well as bubbles and sounds. The Tree of Life change as the hours go by, becoming the center for many of the events in the Pavilion's extensive schedule.
A project by Balich Worldwide Shows
Concept: Marco Balich
Design: Studio Gioforma.

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